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A dream of education equalityThe occasion of a day to honor Dr. King is an annual opportunity to remind ourselves that equity in education--and elsewhere--is possible. January 16, 2012
Unraveling the myths about teachersOne year after NBC's "Education Nation" summit on public schools, the "reformers" have had a bad year--but they're still pushing their agenda. October 10, 2011
A stand to save our schoolsThe Save Our Schools march drew thousands of educators and activists to Washington, D.C., to talk about real education reform. August 2, 2011
Beyond the legend of Malcolm XA controversial biography by the late Manning Marable provides a fascinating account of Malcolm X's life story and political development. May 24, 2011
Obama's real constituencyBarack Obama is back on the campaign trail, but he needs some new slogans--because "hope" and "change" have been emptied of any content. April 26, 2011
"Egypt moment" for educationMake no mistake about it--for those of us who are determined to defend public education, this is our Egypt moment. February 24, 2011
The other name for school "reform"Education "reform" has been referred to by various terms: privatization, deregulation, neoliberalism. Karl Marx had another name for it: capitalism. February 2, 2011
The unclosed achievement gapMore than 40 years after the civil rights movement shined a spotlight on it, the racial achievement gap is alive and well. January 13, 2011
Privatizing war and educationOnce you get past the hype, the war on public education is motivated by the same imperatives--power and profit--driving U.S. wars abroad. November 10, 2010
A Harlem charter takeoverThousands of people in Harlem are about to lose their green space--to the construction of yet another charter school. October 22, 2010
Civil rights struggle or sham?Supporters of charter schools claim they are fighting a "civil rights" struggle, but would Martin Luther King sign up for such a "movement"? October 19, 2010
What I learned at the education summitThe sacrificial teacher on a televised panel discussion packed with advocates of anti-union school "reform" has a few more points to make. October 8, 2010
Answer No. 1: Stop scapegoating teachersA columnist explains what he wants to say--if he gets the chance--at a televised panel discussion on the future of teaching. September 27, 2010
A Washington scandal in perspectiveTwo leading Black members of Congress are accused of violating ethical standards--but the biggest scandals in national politics are perfectly legal. August 18, 2010
Anti-racist victim of a racist smear jobWhat happened to Shirley Sherrod highlights the explosive nature of the politics of race and racism in the U.S. today. July 26, 2010
A rebel for a better worldAnyone who spent any time with Howard Zinn knows of his tremendous generosity of spirit, and of course, his legendary humor. February 5, 2010
Who's afraid of the big, bad Zinn?A conservative Web site accused the "people's historian" of perpetrating a distorted "version" of history, but it's the truth that they're scared of. December 16, 2009
The charter school charadeAt a fancy gala thrown by the Harlem Success Academy, I heard charter school supporters use the legacy of civil rights struggles to sell privatization. November 13, 2009
Why the free market can't cure health careIf there's any idea worth rethinking, it's Whole Foods CEO John Mackey's claim that our needs are best met through the unfettered free market. September 3, 2009
Who does Obama answer to?There may be differences within the limits of "mainstream" ruling-class thinking, but figures like Obama would never challenge those limits themselves. July 29, 2009
The voice of Harlem radicalismHubert Harrison, the Black socialist from the turn of the 20th century, was many things: author, editor, public speaker, educator and activist. July 6, 2009
Using "civil rights" to sell charter schoolsWealthy proponents of charter schools claim they want to advance racial justice--even as public schools become more segregated. April 30, 2009
Marx's vision of socialismThey're often called utopians, but Marx and Engels were the first to bring socialism down from the clouds and explain how it could be established in the real world. March 4, 2009
Marx becomes a MarxistMarx's Marxism is the theoretical product of his practical efforts to build a movement for change, and his observations of struggles taking place around him. February 25, 2009
The return of MarxIn the last 150 years of U.S. history, you can't point to a generation whose most active, radical layers have not been drawn to the ideas of Karl Marx. February 16, 2009
The King they won't celebrateIn the final years of his life, Martin Luther King presented a radical critique of U.S. society and campaigned for fundamental and far-reaching change. January 19, 2009
Squeaky wheels get a victory Public housing residents in New York City scored a small but significant win because of their determination to speak out. January 12, 2009
Making kids pay for the crisisThe plan to balance New York City's budget includes closing 19 community centers in public housing projects in all five boroughs. December 19, 2008
Election Day in HarlemIn the dense crowd on 125th Street celebrating Barack Obama's election, I heard three words repeated, like a mantra, "WE did this! WE did this!" November 6, 2008
Is the racist smear campaign working?The Republicans may be galvanizing a hard-core racist base, but the attacks on Barack Obama are causing a backlash among wider numbers of people. October 21, 2008
Script change for neoliberalismAfter decades of railing about "personal responsibility," U.S. officials are seeking $700 billion for a handout--er, sorry, a "bailout" for Wall Street. September 23, 2008
A life and death struggleA victory in the courts might send strikers at the Kingsbridge Heights Rehabilitation Center back to work. But one striker, Audrey Smith-Campbell, will never return to that nursing home or any other. August 19, 2008
Whose responsibility?The idea that Blacks need to focus on personal responsibility, echoed by Barack Obama, distracts from the question of social responsibility. July 18, 2008
The fable of the super-teacherA closer look at a "small school" success story in New York City reveals the need for more staff, more funding and higher teachers' salaries. July 9, 2008
Still separate and unequalHalf a century after the Supreme Court ruled segregated schools unconstitutional, they still exist--not on the fringe, but as the normal, accepted mode in U.S. schools. June 17, 2008
The image and the reality of changeBarack Obama's success shows the American population has become more progressive, but it won't mean the end of racism and discrimination. May 21, 2008
Fifty shots and found not guiltyAccording to Judge Arthur Cooperman, the three New York City police officers who killed Sean Bell weren't guilty of anything. May 2, 2008