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"philosophers have merely interpreted the world, the point is to change it"...
in other words... get invovled!


we recommend:

International Socialist Organization

NYC Socialists

Campaign to End the New Jim Crow

Grasroots Education Movement

Movement of Rank and File Educators

Theaters Against War

further reading:

Marx & Engels Internet Archive

Haymarket Books

South End Press

International Socialist Review

Edge of Sports


to order Marx in Soho, or other books by Zinn, click here

also, check out the magazine:
International Socialist Review

in this issue: "On the Road with Karl Marx" the story of the 'Marx in Soho' tour

and the book:
The Case for Socialism
by Alan Maass
with an afterword by Howard Zinn


Brian contributed a chapter to this book:
Education and Captialism: Struggles for Learning and Liberation