Praise for Marx in Soho

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"It was smart, it was funny, and it was the perfect thing for the times in which we live."
-Michael Moore

"Brian Jones deserves the highest "marx." Find out how Karl Marx lived, what he thought, and what he might think today. Hilarious and informative. A superb performance."
-Amy Goodman

"[Zinn] mounts a clarion defense of the principles of Marxism while taking a timely jab at a consumerist culture run amok... A witty and spontaneous mouthpiece, Jones invests his character with a surprising degree of urbanity and savoir-faire."
-LA Times

"engaging and charismatic... The audience was clearly with him as he critiqued the death penalty, mega-mergers and mass media. You wouldn't imagine that social criticism could make for lively theater, but Zinn's text and Jones's acting deftly blended the political with the personal."
-Washington Post

"Brian Jones electrified a packed auditorium ...with his portrayal of the 19th-century German philosopher."
-Huffington Post

"an entertaining, first-rate solo performance...humorous, a little touching, and an acting tour-de force"

"an entertaining education in a single act...There is an endearing bit of the vaudevillean's wit in Zinn's script, and Brian Jones's personable performance mines the monologue for maximum amusement"
-Boston Phoenix

"Zinn's writing more than sparkles here, while actor Brian Jones amazes. I recommend Marx in Soho for those who always wondered who Karl Marx was, but were afraid to ask."
-San Francisco Bay View

"Brian Jones is thoroughly engaging...whatever your leanings, its hard not to come out of this show stirred and stimulated"
-San Francisco Bay Guardian

"a comic masterstroke... Brian Jones is lovely"
-Capital Times

"Jones is versatile and captivating and Zinn writes with insight and humor... Zinn cleverly and unmistakably argues the relevance of Marx's ideas in our time. Under [Jones] supervision, Marx comes back to us as a delightfully well-rounded character: fantastically larger than life, yet vulnerable, doubting, and romantic at the same time."
-Backstage West

"Marx in Soho and its execution by gifted actor Brian Jones are both masterpieces."
-Change Links

"Finally, a show by lefties, about lefties, that's no preachy polemic...Zinn has crafted a stirring, funny play that delves into the true meaning of Marxism."
-LA Weekly
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